Vista Glass coloured glass splashbacks are generally used to protect your walls in the cooking and wet areas of your home, such as your kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. Where once use of tiles or stainless steel wall coverings was commonplace, it is now becoming increasingly outdated due to the distinct advantages, both aesthetic and practical, that glass splashbacks have to offer.

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Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to keep hygienically clean and spotless. Low maintenance glass splashbacks are not only extremely durable and resilient, but glass splashbacks are also impervious to stains and smears, which means no more scrubbing with harsh chemicals to remove the mold, fats and grease which readily adhere to grout, porous tiles and stainless steel wall coverings.

Kitchen Aesthetics

Aesthetically, glass splashbacks presents a far superior finish than other alternatives. The reflective nature of glass will not only bring light and a sense of space into even the most cramped of kitchens, but will also add ambience to a room that may otherwise be lacking.

Coloured glass splashbacks offer freedom to choose the perfect colour, whether you’d like a flat or a bright metallic; splashbacks are the ideal modern solution to enhance the look of any home. Not only will Vista Glass offer you a wide selection of sample colours to choose from, but we can also offer you a colour matching service free of charge.

Vista Glass coloured splashbacks don’t fade or age, which means your splashback will continue to look as good in the future, as it did on the day of installation. Please don't hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quote today.

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